• With the Continuous Departing of Knowledgeable & Experienced Middle Managers, being replaced by Inexperienced Graduates, a significant Skills Gap in the Workplace has started to emerge
  • While New Entrants are qualified in the THEORY of business, the majority feel Undervalued and Inadequately prepared to keep up with:
  • Growing workplace Complexities
  • Accelerating Technological Advancement
  • Continuous Tightening of Regulation & Controls

An Overwhelmed Workforce soon becomes
Uninspired and Disengaged

Due to Globalization and ever increasing Competition, Businesses are forced to continually reinvent themselves.
To be successful, it is essential to have an Engaged and Connected workforce who takes Pride and Ownership in what they do.
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  • Course content is based on Real Time Economic and Business articles to engage a Captive Audience
    and stimulate
    Self – Directed Learning & Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Learnings apply to both the Public & Private Sectors
  • Knowledge transfer takes place through the use of the Latest Available Technology to optimize Interactive Participation
  • A Unique and Remodeled Training Concept developed for benefit of Communities, Business, Employees and the Economy alike