While the broom of the Internet Age relentlessly sweeps through our daily lives, life as we knew it has changed forever.  Continuous technological advancement is constantly transforming business throughout the globe. Fierce competition within local markets and industries across the world has left no organisation or even government, unscathed. The race is on and it’s no longer about staying in the saddle, but riding a winning horse, remaining ahead of the game and in touch with increasing consumer demand whilst also complying with ever changing regulation and controls.

Caught up in the middle of this organisational hornet’s nest, are the employees who need to bring in the business, who need to make things happen. Those brave warriors, often forced to enter the battlefield with hands firmly tied behind their backs in the interest of company policy, regulation and compliance, are every so often only armed with the features and benefits of a product not a great lot different to that on offer from a competitor.  They are expected to stay committed, engaged and happy.  After all, the considerable training and development budget should surely speak for itself…or not?

Managers are often confounded by the amount of expensive course material gathering dust in office drawers – never to be revisited, with learnings hardly ever applied in business. So, where is the problem? The answer is clear: Empower people through inspiring, relevant and implementable training content and methods in line with the contemporary everyday world around them. Over many decades conventional training and development methods had hardly changed and often simply no longer adequately and effectively prepare people for the workplace. Business and economic growth desperately calls for an impetus through the desire of self-directed learning and entrepreneurial thought, as leaders simply can’t hold the inertia for much longer.

TIME is a limited commodity – no recycling and no return. Once consumed, it’s irretrievably gone, leaving only memories (and balance sheets) of either contentment or regret. There is no in between. Apply it wisely. Make it count.