Ever noticed how hastily we reach for the remote control when a Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbuster of yesteryear comes up?  Yet not too long ago, we were captivated by those same scary movie monster characters, green screen technology and amazing special effects.

Sadly today, with that initial level of fascination now irretrievably lost, those monster masks seem awkwardly amateurish, the special effects dismally substandard. Our indulging in the ever-advancing art of computer generated imagery, is leading us on to the subsequent constant demand for Better and More. Which in turn results in the obvious constant supply of Better and More.  Self-explanatory, you’d say.


Innovation, technological advancement and digital globalization has changed our lives forever and Life as we know it, is changing around us at an unprecedented rate.  It’s almost uncanny experiencing those Déjà Vu moments, while witnessing so many of those old far-fetched Hollywood movie screenwriter predictions, now coming to pass. Think those endless barren, desert-like landscapes and self-driving cars…  Not soon, you say? Think global warming. Go online.  And think again.


This bleak situation boils down to you, me, the future generations and rapidly shrinking traditional job opportunities within the foreseeable future. A future where the most desperately required life skills have now become the awareness of the necessity to become a lifelong learner, the resilience to keep up with constant change and the ability to spot potential. And then to act first.

Right at the center of it all, lies the dire need for informed decision making that starts with the basic understanding of Economics by more people at all levels.  Economic interpretation is the basic starting point,  leading us to the magnetic North.

If YOU don’t start taking charge soon, others will always do that for you…