If you’re reading this, chances are you’re human. And humans possess the curious ability to, quite naturally, revert to ostrich behaviour. From time to time we all experience that overwhelming urge of mental self -preservation, a desperate attempt to escape the noise, visuals and basically all knowledge of the threat that surrounds us . We just desperately hope that all danger would be gone by the time we’re forced to surface for air.

Now, this ostrich behaviour typically occurs a while after we, the people, had gone to the voting polls. Often forced to casting our precious votes and trust on the basis of either a “hunch”, or on the “lesser of two evils” candidate option. And every so often, within just a few short months or so down the line, this blind trust is shattered and all we can do really is bury our heads and hope for the best. Sounds familiar?


By now we already know that Political Will, to a massive extent, drives Economic Effect – latter being the impact in some way or another on every person in an economy or country.

SO, here’s the question:

If more ordinary people like you and me, truly understood basic economic fundamentals, then wouldn’t we be better equipped for informed decision making at the voting polls?

Through our own enhanced knowledge, understanding and interpretation of everyday economics – and YES, definitely without the confusion of financial jargon and intimidating mathematics – isn’t it then up to you and me to develop a  ‘collective confidence’  in order to demand a higher quality and standard of political decision making?

Economics truly is for everyone, the dire need for economic understanding and interpretation right before our eyes. Isn’t it just about time to start adding Vision to Eyesight…?

I would love to get YOUR view!

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