You probably went through all the motions of Economics class yourself. Those fleetingly lucid moments of clear understanding, followed by the many more and much longer lasting overwhelming periods of utter confusion. Looking back,  you have no idea how you made it. What you do know though, is that you still don’t really get Economics. Sounds familiar?

“Horses for Courses”

The transfer of Economic education at all levels of society, holds countless benefits. These range from better informed personal and career decision making to collective, national economic success. The question however remains: Do we all truly need the same laborious, in depth theoretical level of economic learning?

Literacy  vs  Education

Economic literacy provides the ability to effectively interpret and apply the acquired Economic education, or theory. Why then, do we stop at the education part and simply hope for people to miraculously have gained the sufficient power of insight to effectively apply that knowledge somewhere along the way in future?

This situation compares well to the aspiring cyclist who enthusiastically invested in a top of the range bike, the heart rate monitor, the cycling gear. Who keenly follows major race results and knows all the big names in cycling – yet never gets on the bike and starts pedaling.

Thinking back at Economics class now : Did  YOU also invest in a bike just to watch the race…?


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